Ypsilon Vanity

This beautiful unique piece is an award winning piece created by award winning designers Meneghello Paolelli Associati and Ypsilon. Here is what the fabulous Italian designers have to say about the piece;
''Vanity is a woman, a project with women in mind, for her to stand out. Vanity revives the idea of the bathroom piece, where the makeup unit encloses all the glamorous features of a world that has been imagined and dreamed for her. The soft lines on the central supporting leg open to the spacious tabletop with all its hidden secrets, from the recessed washbasin to all the boutique boxes that hide the most private and intimate of things.''
This beautiful piece is made from the innovative Livingtec, it is suitable for only a mono tap.

  • The Vanity is featured with a number of options, its base price is for the piece with the molded basin and tap hole
  • The second option includes the mirror and towel rail
  • The third includes the mirror, towel rail and hidden discrete electrical point within the Vanity piece.
  • Stock: - Please note the Ypsilon Vanity is a bespoke piece produced in Italy. There may be a lead time of 4 - 8 weeks for this product.